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How to color your hair – hot!

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 You have decided that you want to look like other celebrities? Yes, you would like to order your hair, but have neither the time nor money to spend having it done professionally. So you take yourself to the drugstore and stand in the aisle in front of row after row of the boxes showing photos of attractive women, each with a different hair color. This women are perfectly coifed and their message is: use this product and maybe, just maybe you will look like me.

Pay no attention to the front of the box. These are more than sweet computer assisted hair color. To choose the right colors for you, check the site of the box for proper hair color charts.

For the first time, select something in a wash-in product close to your natural color. If you want a radical change from brunette to blonde, the process is much more complicated, requiring peroxide and ammonia.


If the package directions indicate you should take a stand test- going through the entire process on a sample of your hair-then be sure to do it. You don’t want your hair to look awful, not even for the few weeks it can take for the staff to wash or Wear away.